Author: Sergio Aviles

September’s Meetup

We apologize for the late announcement for this month’s meeting as we were still looking for a location. Fortunately, Joe from the Apple Store came through and we’ll be holding this month’s meeting at the Walnut Street Apple Store next Thursday, 9/22. With the release of iOS 10 and macOS Sierra this month there’ll be plenty to cover in What’s New and our open discussion, so RSVP here­.

August Meeting Reminder

Sorry for the late reminder, but we’ll be at the Walnut Street Apple Store tomorrow, August 18th, for our August meetup. On the agenda this month is What’s New and our open discussion.

JAMF Software will again be sponsoring food and beverages

RSVP here­ and join us!
P.S. We’re still looking for locations to host the September and November meetings and/or if you’d like to present at a future meeting please contact us.

Philly Represent

The 2016 Pennsylvania State College Mac Admins Conference was held last month and there was some Philly MacAdmins speaking. Vaughn Miller (@Vaughn_E_Miller) was one of three speakers for the Mac OS Deployment Options workshop on Monday. Workshop sessions were not recorded unfortunately.  Jeremy Reichman (@jaharmi) and Sergio Aviles (@chalcahuite) presented “Implementing Configuration Profiles for OS X Management.” This session was recorded and can be watched here. Slides from their presentation can also be found here.

Good job guys and way to represent Philly MacAdmins!

June Meetup Reminder

Join us as we return to the Apple Store for our June meetup and 1 year anniversary. On the agenda will be What’s New, and an open discussion. Also, post meetup we will be informally venturing to Philly’s new SkyGarten Beer Garden to continue the discussion and celebrate one year of meetups for our Philly MacAdmin community. So come join us!


March Meetup Reminder

Hello Fellow Admins,

Just a friendly reminder that our next meeting is Thursday, March 24th. This month we’ll be visiting Saint Joseph’s University courtesy of our own Mike Solin. On this month’s agenda we’ll be talking about What’s New and Tyler Morgan will giving us a timely primer on encryption. Don’t forget to RSVP­ so we can plan on refreshments and be sure to follow us on Twitter­ and Facebook­ for any last minute updates.

For those of you who may have missed last month’s excellent “The Shell & You” from Andrew Feierabend, you can grab his slides and see the video here­.

February 2016 Meeting Reminder

Just a reminder that we’re meeting at the Walnut Street Apple Store on Thursday, the 18th this month. Our guest Andrew Feierabend will be doing a Terminal/command line 101, so if you’re new to command line, or you know someone who is, or you just need a refresher please join us on Thursday. Also, we’ll be covering What’s New since last month as well.

Hope to see you all there.

December 2015 Meeting – Update

For the final meeting of 2015 and our 6 month anniversary we’re back at the Philly Apple Store. This month we catch up on What’s New since our last meeting and Jesse will talk about the mysteries and wonders of awk. Also, because this meeting is our Star Wars Holiday Spectacular, we’ll be doing a trivia contest and giving away some prizes. So, brush up on your Star Wars knowledge and RSVP today. As a reminder, we’ll be on the Executive Conference Room on the 2nd floor. Just head to the back and up the stairs or ask one of the friendly Apple Store employees to point you in the right direction.

August 2015 Meeting Summary

Our third meeting was on Thursday, August 20th.  Our effusive thanks goes to the Walnut Street Apple Store and Joe Hutsko’s team for graciously hosting us this month. And the community continued to prove their interest with another great showing of attendance.

Serge started the meeting off with “What’s New” a potentially recurring segment that keeps up with all the recent news and events and things of interest to our community.  This month we highlighted OS X 10.10.5 update, the iOS 8.4.1, Office 2016 for Mac shipping, and “Tpwn,” the new privilege escalation exploit in OS X that was recently discovered.  Jesse Shipley presented and demo’d his new tool for Casper that provides more robust and verbose checkins, called “Deadpool. ” It’s free and available to use on his Github repo: here.

Again, we broadcasted the meeting through Google Hangouts.  Here’s the video:


August What’s New


If you’d like to present, please get in touch.  See you at the next meeting!