Our third meeting was on Thursday, August 20th.  Our effusive thanks goes to the Walnut Street Apple Store and Joe Hutsko’s team for graciously hosting us this month. And the community continued to prove their interest with another great showing of attendance.

Serge started the meeting off with “What’s New” a potentially recurring segment that keeps up with all the recent news and events and things of interest to our community.  This month we highlighted OS X 10.10.5 update, the iOS 8.4.1, Office 2016 for Mac shipping, and “Tpwn,” the new privilege escalation exploit in OS X that was recently discovered.  Jesse Shipley presented and demo’d his new tool for Casper that provides more robust and verbose checkins, called “Deadpool. ” It’s free and available to use on his Github repo: here.

Again, we broadcasted the meeting through Google Hangouts.  Here’s the video:


August What’s New


If you’d like to present, please get in touch.  See you at the next meeting!