Hey everyone –

Sorry for the radio silence on the website – we’ve had a couple of online-only meetups over Zoom throughout the pandemic, but I’ve forgotten to update the website.

If you’re just now seeing this, we have a meetup tonight to discuss yesterday’s “Time Flies” event:

Greater Philadelphia Mac Admins: Apple Special Event Discussion

Wednesday, Sep 16, 2020, 6:00 PM

Online event

18 Admins Attending

Let’s gather around the Zoom fire pit to discuss the announcements from the September 15 Apple event! Who knows what we will be talking about??? Probably release dates for macOS 11 and iOS 14. Maybe new devices?? Perhaps Apple finally made a space ship! Grab your favorite fall beverages and join your fellow Mac Admins for an open discussion. Feel f…

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With iOS / iPadOS 14 due to be released today, we’ll have much to discuss. Hope to see you there!