August 2016 Meeting Summary

We held our August 2016 meeting at the Apple Store.  Our continued thanks to Joe Hutsko and his team for hosting us!

Serge covered What’s New:

  • Office Updates
  • Chrome and Flash
  • PowerShell
  • JSS Update
  • JNUC

Afterwards, we held an open discussion.  If you’d like to host an upcoming meeting, or speak at one, please get in touch!

August Meeting Reminder

Sorry for the late reminder, but we’ll be at the Walnut Street Apple Store tomorrow, August 18th, for our August meetup. On the agenda this month is What’s New and our open discussion.

JAMF Software will again be sponsoring food and beverages

RSVP here­ and join us!
P.S. We’re still looking for locations to host the September and November meetings and/or if you’d like to present at a future meeting please contact us.


July 2016 Meeting Summary

Rutgers Camden hosted our July meeting and provided food and refreshments for the group!

Serge covered What’s New:

  • El Capitan updates
  • iOS, tvOS, watchOS
  • Office Updates
  • Firefox and Flash
  • PSU MacAdmins

Afterwards, we hosted an open discussion.  See you tomorrow, for our August meeting!

June 2016 Meeting Summary

We held our 1 year anniversary meeting at the Apple Store on Walnut Street.  Many, many thanks to Joe Hutsko and his team for hosting half of our meetings this year, including the very first one.  Our gratitude goes to JAMF Software for sponsoring the many food and refreshments, too.

Serge presented What’s New:

  • WWDC announcements
  • Office Updates
  • Adobe Updates
  • TeamViewer update

Afterwards, we hosted an open discussion, then migrated to Philly’s new SkyGarten beer garden to celebrate our first year of bringing the Philly MacAdmin community together!  Thanks for coming to these meetings – we’re all really proud of how this has grown over the past year.  Here’s to many more!

May 2016 Meeting Summary

AIM Academy graciously hosted our May 2016 meeting.  Serge presented What’s New:

  • Office 2016 update
  • OS X, iOS, tvOS, watchOS, and Xcode updates
  • TeamViewer hacks
  • Symantec Vulnerability
  • MacAdmin Podcast
  • Flash Death Watch

Afterwards, we hosted an open discussion.

Philly Represent

The 2016 Pennsylvania State College Mac Admins Conference was held last month and there was some Philly MacAdmins speaking. Vaughn Miller (@Vaughn_E_Miller) was one of three speakers for the Mac OS Deployment Options workshop on Monday. Workshop sessions were not recorded unfortunately.  Jeremy Reichman (@jaharmi) and Sergio Aviles (@chalcahuite) presented “Implementing Configuration Profiles for OS X Management.” This session was recorded and can be watched here. Slides from their presentation can also be found here.

Good job guys and way to represent Philly MacAdmins!

June Meetup Reminder

Join us as we return to the Apple Store for our June meetup and 1 year anniversary. On the agenda will be What’s New, and an open discussion. Also, post meetup we will be informally venturing to Philly’s new SkyGarten Beer Garden to continue the discussion and celebrate one year of meetups for our Philly MacAdmin community. So come join us!



April 2016 Meeting Summary

We held our April 2016 meeting at the Apple Store.  Our continued thanks to Joe Hutsko and his team for hosting us!  Also, thanks to JAMF Software for providing food and refreshments!

Serge presented What’s New:

  • Office 2016 update
  • Badlock
  • JSS update
  • JNUC 2016 changes
  • Penn State MacAdmins

Allister Banks returned to talk about Python Plus osquery.

See you at our May 2016 meeting, hosted at AIM Academy!

March 2016 Meeting Summary

We held our March 2016 meeting at Saint Joseph’s University.  SJU generously provided food and refreshments.

Serge presented What’s New:

  • Office 2016 update
  • OS X 10.11.4, Safari 9.1
  • iOS 9.3, tvOS 9.2, watchOS 2.2
  • iPhone SE
  • Badlock
  • git vulnerability
  • JSS update
  • APNS issues
  • Apple and the FBI
  • Penn State MacAdmins

Tyler Morgan then gave a security overview with Encryption Power Crunch.

See you tomorrow at the Apple Store!

March Meeting Directions

Our March 2016 meeting is happening this Thursday, March 24th at Saint Joseph’s University. We’ll be meeting on the fifth floor of McShain Hall.

If you’re taking public transportation, I recommend taking the SEPTA regional rail – the Paoli-Thorndale line stops at Overbrook Station, which is an 18 minute walk to the meeting location. Click the map for a larger version.

Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 11.22.02 PM

If you’re driving, you might have success with street parking – there are metered and non-metered spaces. Another option is the SJU parking garage – Hawk’s Landing is a short walk to the meeting location, and is reasonably priced:

30 Minutes: No Charge
Up to 2 Hours: $3.00
Up to 4 Hours: $5.00
Up to 6 Hours:: $7.00
Over 6 to 16 hours: $15.00

Here’s a map from the parking garage to the meeting location (again, click for larger):

Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 11.23.29 PM

The front of McShain Hall looks like this – if you see this building, you’re in the right place:


Just mention you’re here for the meeting on the fifth floor, and take the elevator upstairs.

If you have any questions, contact me via the About page, @flammable on MacAdmins Slack, or @flammable on Twitter. Looking forward to seeing you Thursday!

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